Saturday, March 9, 2013

XW Solar Panel wiring diagram

While the other is an 80 amp single circuit panel mount device. OutBack Power offers a two circuit 80 amp panel mount DC-GFP that also fits inside the E-Panel. The Xantrex DC-GFP’s will not fit in the E-Panel. The MidNite Solar single circuit DC-GFP’s are designed for a single PV array. Two MidNite DC-GFP’s may be used to accommodate two arrays although the dual OutBack would for dual arrays and dual controllers cost less and take up less room. DC-GFP’s are a very misunderstood device. When looking at a wiring diagram you will notice that part of the DC-GFP is a high current breaker. Connected in series with the GFP is yet another high current DC breaker.

 It is a common mistake to think the second breaker is unnecessary. NEC2008 requires a DC-GFP on all systems whether mounted on the roof top of a residence or not. The NEC also does not allow the DC-GFP to be the PV disconnect. When the DC-GFP is turned off, it leaves the battery negative ungrounded. The only time it is allowed that the system be ungrounded is during a fault condition. This requirement necessitates a PV disconnect in series with the DC-GFP. download XW Solar Panel wiring diagram

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